The Morrison Government is investing $11.7 million in 10 prevention projects to keep Australians out of hospital. Going back and forth to hospital can be stressful and inconvenient for patients and their families, and costly to Australia’s health system. There are many drivers of hospital admissions, including chronic and complex diseases, acute medical and mental health conditions, palliative care and substance abuse. In particular, mismanaged chronic conditions can be a key factor in high rates of hospital admission and readmission. The 10 projects have been funded through the Medical Research Future Fund’s Keeping Australians Out of Hospital latest grant round; $1 million, Queensland University of Technology – to conduct a nurse-led community assessment and triage evaluation of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in urban and regional Queensland. The aim is to reduce the burden on the hospital system and provide patients with better options for managing their disease $1.9 million, […]