The General Practice: Health of the Nation report gives a unique overview of Australian general practice. It reflects the experience of more than 1700 RACGP Fellows from across Australia, and incorporates information from the Medicine in Australia: Balancing Employment and Life (MABEL) survey and various government publications.

The report provides information at a specific point in time and highlights longer-term trends across the general practice sector from the point of view of both patients and GPs.

The 2020 Health of the Nation report also addresses the impact of COVID-19 on general practice and patients, including:

  • changing patient presentations (mental health, preventive health, patients avoiding or delaying seeing their GP)
  • new delivery models (telehealth)
  • impacts on general practices as businesses
  • consequences for GPs in training and the future health workforce
  • experiences of GPs working in rural areas and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

This year, we’ve developed a fully interactive digital version of the report that you can read online.

The General Practice: Health of the Nation report was published by the RACGP on the 12th November 2020. The report can be downloaded here.