An extra 30 children with epilepsy will be able to take medicinal cannabis as the state government expands its scheme to help more lives. A Victorian teenager who spent the past seven years battling up to 50 epileptic seizures a day hasn’t had any episodes since taking medical cannabis. Madison Williamson, 15, has been taking medical cannabis as part of her treatment for epilepsy for the past 10 months and hasn’t had a seizure since, her mum says. "Over the years the seizures changed. She ended up having cluster seizure where they could be up to 50 a day," Amanda told reporters in Melbourne on Sunday. "Within two months, I realised that there were no boxes ticked for seizures. There’s been nothing since to this day. Everything has changed." Could cannabis help brain tumour patients? Madison has become the poster girl for the state government’s decision to expand its […]