The 2020 Democratic presidential debates have been dominated by Medicare-for-all. But there are a lot of other health care issues worth talking about. In Democratic presidential debates up until this point, it has felt like Medicare-for-all is the only health care issue in America. But there is so much more to discuss. If overhauling the US health care system isn’t on the table in January 2021, drug prices, the opioid crisis, hospital spending, and long-term care are all deeply important problems that a Democratic president will need to turn their attention to if he or she wins. “If [Medicare-for-all] is a no-go in Congress, then what changes would they make to the current system?” as Walid Gellad, who studies drug prices and other issues at the University of Pittsburgh, put it to me. The executive branch still has a remarkable amount of power on health care. It is still […]