Supermarket pharmacies have been around in the US, UK and mainland Europe for years. But will Australia follow? On the way home, you wander into the supermarket for a loaf of bread. But before you reach the bread aisle, you drop in your prescription at the supermarket pharmacy. Shopping done, you pick up your pills on the way out. Across the US, UK and mainland Europe, supermarket pharmacies are becoming the norm. But in Australia, they’re banned. The Commonwealth government is negotiating the seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement with pharmacists, which outlines how community pharmacy is delivered over the next five years, who delivers it and where. So could pharmacies in supermarkets be an option for Australia? How common are they? Overseas, pharmacies have been in supermarkets for decades. In the UK, supermarkets like ASDA , Tesco , Morrisons and Sainsbury’s have them. And so do Walmart , Kroger and […]