A New Era in Patient Centred Care

Patient centred development using The Power of 3 

The APA now endorses leading organisational development organisation, two+you leadership design who will create major benefits for health and community service organisations in their development of patient centred care services.
Known for their innovative thinking, empowering and inspiring development style, two+you are working closely with the APA and its partners to develop and offer a series of workshops to get organisations ready for positive patient interaction.
Creative director Stephen Greaves says “the end game of our workshops is for the patient to not only hear and read that they are important but, more importantly, that they genuinely believe it. This requires organisations being ready to serve at every interaction. This is where patient centred care goes to the next level.”
APA CEO Stephen Mason said that “the workshops not only promoted patient centred care, but would help those working in the healthcare sector, which was the aim of the APA.”
Working with over 70 health & community services across Victoria and the ACT in the last 5 years, two+you have already designed breakthrough development to improve organisational culture and capability, ensuring outcomes positively improve the patient experience.
two+you are currently working with award winning organisations such as The Royal Women’s Hospital, Rural Northwest Health and Forensicare on a variety of training development projects.
The first of the workshops is the ‘The Power of 3 – Excellence in Customer Service’, a 3-hour in-house workshop created to redefine the concept of service. This workshop explores three powerful pillars not usually discussed in customer service workshops providing greater depth, context and understanding to lift the organisations’ service standards beyond ‘best practice’ to a level that the patient genuinely believes that they are in the best of hands. By applying the three pillars, together with being ready, everyone in the organisation is more capable in handling a range of interactions with ease and focus.
As a result of the development, colleague to colleague service style and patient care service outcomes improve dramatically – in many areas cases change occurs immediately. Positive energies are maintained and performance is lifted through teams feeling re-engaged, empowered and inspired in their new found understandings.
The workshops use two+you’s highly successful delivery model where everyone is invited to ‘explore, discover and create’ their own unique strategies for success. two+you believe that positive and lasting change happens when everyone feels heard and empowered to be engaged in the journey. More workshops, to be available in-house and on-line, are in development to be released throughout 2016.
To discuss your patient centred development need and for more information contact Monika Karwan on 0411 199 962 and visit www.twoplusyou.com.au or phone the APA office on 03 9274 0788.
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