About Us


The Australian Patients Association is an independent not-for-profit organisation established to promote and protect the rights and interests of patients, and improve overall patient outcomes.

We will address important health issues impacting on patient care in the public and private healthcare system.  We will research and develop sensible remedies to benefit all our supporters and the broader community.

The Australian Patients Association also seeks to educate patients about their rights and choices, as well as supporting patients in need.

We believe that an effective patient support group representing the rights and interests of patients can have a positive influence on the development of national healthcare policy and reform, ultimately, resulting in improved patient care and health outcomes.

The Australian Patients Association is governed by an Advisory Board and supported by a small secretariat and passionate volunteers.

How We Are Funded

We are a membership based organisation and rely on annual membership subscriptions to fund our operations. We rely on financial support from the general public and our corporate partners to fund our important work.

All of our donors, corporate partners and pro bono supporters, believe that an effective patient support group can influence positive change and reform to the healthcare system in Australia.

The Crucial Need

In 2010, the father of one of our directors, spent many months as a patient of the public and private healthcare systems battling cancer before passing away in August. Having spent several months in and around the healthcare system during this time, he began talking with other patients, families, medical experts and carers about issues of access, cost and quality of care in the healthcare system.

It soon became apparent, from what he and others witnessed and had been informed, that there was a critical need for a new patient support group to be established to support and care for the needy and represent the rights and interests of patients and consumers of the healthcare system.

The Australian Patients Association is interested in highlighting the need for better standards of patient care, ensuring ready access when required and the need for a healthcare system that provides quality care without excessive cost to individuals and families.