APA Awards Night 2020 Nominations Now Open

Our Story

The Australian Patients Association was born in mid-2010 following a series of discussions with patients and their families who were frustrated at ongoing systemic problems in Australia’s hospitals, ongoing funding cuts, bed closures and the level of disconnect between the people running Australia’s healthcare system and the people using it – patients.

Having spent several years talking to patients and their families and seeing the issues first hand, the Australian Patients Association believes that parts of Australia’s healthcare system are on the critical list. It is why we have decided to get active and campaign for lasting and sustainable change. We’ve seen the impact on patients and their families when the system doesn’t work and we realise it is up to us – patients, families, our friends, neighbours and the broader Australian community at the grass roots level – to help improve the system.

However, we need YOUR help. And now.

To be able to undertake the campaigns we have coming up, to make sure every Australian can get access to the health care they need, when they need it, and be able to access it in a cost effective manner, we need both financial and campaign support.

Your Donate Now will help us continue to provide support to the hundreds of patients and their families who contact us each month in need of support and guidance as they navigate their way through the health system.

We have plenty of exciting, innovative and enduring campaigns in the pipeline for 2015. Campaigns that, if successful, will result in positive change to the health care system and most importantly, will lead to major benefits for Australian patients.

We look forward to your support in being able to help push for the lasting change needed to make Australia’s healthcare system accessible and equitable for ALL patients.

Stephen Mason

Chief Executive Officer