At his heaviest, father-of-one Bill Gibson tipped the scales at 154 kilograms. He was suffering from a long list of health issues linked to obesity and couldn’t keep up with his son, but today, ten months after a gastric bypass he’s 60 kilograms lighter. Mr Gibson is just one Australian who is reaping the benefits of the "Access Program", which offers cut-price treatments to those who need them most. He paid half of what his wife was charged for the same procedure. Mr Gibson struggled to keep up with his young song. (A Current Affair) After a gastric bypass he’s 60 kilograms lighter. (A Current Affair) "It was a really significant saving and we would not have been able to afford to have my surgery done without the program," he told A Current Affair . The Access Program was developed by Professor Anand Deva with the help of Macquarie […]