Anxiety is more than just feeling worried. It’s when those anxious feelings don’t go away. On a Saturday morning about five months ago, I found myself hooked up to an ECG machine. I remember feeling equal parts stressed and relieved as I lay on the flimsy, plastic-covered vinyl mattress, the nurse gently placing electrode patches across my chest, wrists and ankles. Stressed, because I was heading overseas the following day, and had an important to-do list of 375 Very Important Tasks. Relieved, because I had been experiencing chest pain for weeks, and if I was on the brink of a heart attack, this would surely give my doctor an indication that something was wrong. "Just breathe normally," the nurse reassured me as she tapped away at a machine that looked like it was from the ’90s. The ECG — or electrocardiogram — was in the pathologist’s office of my […]