Photo: Ali Fairbairn began struggling with anxiety shortly after her first child was born. (ABC News: Mary Lloyd) "I can feel it starting," Ali Fairbairn said, pressing her palm to her chest. More than a third of all Australian women have experienced anxiety Anxiety is the most pressing health topic among women aged 18-35 Experts want better understanding of how biology and social context affect women’s mental health The mother of two is trying to leave the house. Edward, 6, needs to get to karate. Susanna, 4, disappeared as soon as her mum asked her to get her shoes on. Now both children are in the entrance-way of her house making loud, repetitive noises. It is the kind of situation Ms Fairbairn tries to avoid. Since the very early days following Edward’s birth, she has experienced crippling anxiety. At times, it has stopped her from leaving home for several […]