Medical testimonials

Dr Richard Schloeffel OAM
It was a great honour to be acknowledged by both patients and the medical profession for the work I have done as an Integrative Practitioner of Chronic Health. This specialist area requires multidimensional medical understanding, dedication and thorough patient care. It is with absolute integrity, I say that it was a recognition to all Integrative doctors who are committed, highly skilled and have patients that have been otherwise not been helped through conventional medicine.

Patient testimonials

Mrs J
Mrs J had been referred to a major private hospital for a hysterectomy. The operation did not go well and following a significant loss of blood she ended up in an ICU. After she was discharged she required further treatment for her wounds, but every visit resulted in significant charges. Following a meeting with the hospital and the APA and the patient, the charges were waivered, as were all future charges for the ongoing treatment required and the hospital also agreed to provide .counselling.

Mr and Mrs A
Mr and Mrs A had a child who had CP. The situation was demanding and the relationship with the hospital strained. There were concerns that their child may have a degenerative disease. Blood and DNA samples were sent to another laboratory for testing as the parents had lost confidence in the hospital concerned. When the results were returned to the hospital to complete its analysis it informed the parents that no further testing would take place until fees were paid. Following a meeting with the APA the hospital agreed to complete the tests as a matter of urgency and waived the fees.