Current Topics and Trends in Australian Healthcare

APA Awards Night:
Postponed until the 21st October 2021. The awards will still be held at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins.

Australian Patients Association launches new website:
APA launched its new website in late July 2021. There are significant changes to the site. We would like your thoughts on how the site could be further improved. To visit the site click here.

Medibank expands no-gap joint replacement pilot program:
Medibank’s no-gap joint replacement program now has seven participating hospitals. Hospitals are in Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne are offering the service. More information is available on Medibank’s website.

Australia shouldn’t ‘open up’ before we vaccinate at least 80% of the population. Here’s why:
Stephen Duckett, Director, Health Program, Grattan Institute and Will Mackey, Senior Associate, Grattan Institute published an article on July 30 2021, in The Conversation. The column outlines why Australia shouldn’t ‘open up’ with less than 80% of the population vaccinated. To read the article in full click here.

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care or EPC:
One of the most significant areas patients are contacting APA to request more information on is what were previously known as Enhanced Primary Care Plans. The majority of the enquires relate to how patients can use the plans to access mental health services. Information on accessing mental health support via CDM is available here. General information on what is covered by CDM is available here.

COVID-19 Misinformation:
Online platforms have become more active in removing questionable or false information relating to COVID-19. One of these platforms is YouTube. YouTube has removed individuals from its platform as well as suspending the account of Sky News Australia and removing videos from Sky New’s channel. ABC report: Sky News Australia given 1-week YouTube suspension after breaching COVID-19 misinformation policy 

It is worth noting the Australian Communications and Media Authority hadn’t taken any actions of it own. Read The Daily News Report about the regulators inaction Demands for Sky, YouTube and media regulator to face Senate inquiry.

AHPRA Submission:
APA provided a submission and appeared before the 2021 Federal Senate Inquiry into AHPRA. In its submission APA raised a number of points related to standards and the length of time it takes for AHPRA to act on patient complaints. To read the submission click here.

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