Current Topics and Trends in Australian Healthcare

APA appoints New Chair:

APA appoints Ben Wood as its new Chair. Ben is an experienced services executive and has also chaired Volunteer Boards. He brings to the Board strong strategic skills and a business acumen which will support the growth of the APA.

Ambassador for Health Reform:

APA looks forward to commencing work with Dr. Nick Coatsworth as its Ambassador for Health Reform in the New Year.

Australian Healthcare Index (AHI) webinar:

A webinar was held on 1st December to discuss the findings of the Australian Heatlhcare Index Report released last month. If you joined us, thanks for being there and if you couldn’t attend live, you can have access to the recording by clicking here.

APA meets government members and health advisors:

APA met several government officials and health advisors in the past month to discuss the findings of the recent AHI report. The report finds a declining trend in Australia’s healthcare rating over four reports down from 7.8 to 7.1 on a score of 10 since March 2021.

APA submission on How to Strengthen Medicare:

APA has prepared a submission outlining the measures and initiatives that can be taken to Strengthen Medicare. The submission will be on our website in the New Year.

Save Our Medicare:

With the cost of living increasing and bulk billing clinics disappearing, Australians are not able to visit their GPs because of out-of-pocket costs. Contact your local representative and sign the petition, in less than 10 seconds, and make your voice heard by clicking Save Our Medicare campaign.

Concerns about Access to Paracetamol:

The new proposal that restricts the sale of paracetamol will negatively impact millions of Australians. It would be more sensible to have rehabilitation and education for those that abuse the use of paracetamol. Click here to read the article published in 9now news as to how it is going to affect those in need by cutting access to this relatively safe medication.

‘Sticky’ cholesterol and hypertension may increase heart attack, stroke risk:

Along with smoking and high blood pressure, raised blood cholesterol is one of the main risk factors for heart disease. People can reduce their blood cholesterol with a healthful diet, exercise, and medication. To read the full article published in MedicalNewsToday on 16th December 22, click here.

‘Millions of lives at risk’: WHO flags rise of superbugs:

A worrying new report has revealed humans are becoming more resistant to antibiotics, putting the lives of millions around the world at risk of dangerous “superbugs”.  To read the article published in 9news on 11th December 22 click here.

APA and the team wish you all a Wonderful Festive Season and a Happy New Year!

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