Current Topics and Trends in Australian Healthcare

APA Awards Night:

The 5th Annual Awards Night will be held on 18th August at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins. Tickets are selling fast. Click here to book your tickets through trybooking before they are sold out.

APA Initiatives:

APA is currently working on two initiatives. National Health Scorecard that will compare the performance of various States on key health metrics such as Elective Surgery wait times, Ambulance wait times, Emergency Department wait times, adverse events in hospitals along with patient satisfaction and Patient+ App, an app that will help patients to navigate their way through the healthcare system in Australia.

Patients being disadvantaged and the health system being placed under increasing pressure by GP clinics opting to discontinue Bulk billing:

The Australian Patients Association urges GP clinics to cease moving out of bulk billing and asks those clinics that have ceased bulk billing to reconsider that decision and reverse it. To read the  Media release click here.

Australian Healthcare Index Webinar:

Healthengine’s Dr Marcus Tan, with panellists Stephen Mason, of the Australian Patients Association, Learne Durrington of WA Primary Health Alliance, Suzanne Greenwood of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Dr Todd Cameron of Scale My Clinic as they discuss key findings from the latest Australian Healthcare Index report. To listen to the recording of the session here is the link.

Expanded eligibility for fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose:

An additional 7.4 million people will now be eligible to receive a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose after the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) updated its recommendations. For further information visit the Health department website by clicking here.

Antiviral treatments for COVID-19:

Most cases of COVID-19 are mild and can be managed at home. Some people who are at higher risk may need specific antiviral treatments prescribed by their healthcare provider. Learn more about who is eligible for COVID-19 treatments by clicking here.

Paramedics left shaking their heads as ambulance ramping debate misses the point:

Time is critical in a medical emergency. If paramedics are tied up with non-emergency calls, they are not available to respond to situations where an ambulance could mean the difference between life and death. People are advised to call an ambulance only if they need emergency care. To read the full article published in The Guardian dated 18th July 22 click here.

Women ‘more likely’ to present with different symptoms to men during a stroke study finds:

Approximately 55,000 Australians suffer a stroke every year, with men and women equally at risk. However, a new study has found that the way they present can be different across the sexes. Click here to read the article published on July 16, 2022 on 9 News. To know more about the condition visit

10 Natural Remedies and Supplements Proven by Science to Help Treat Anxiety:

More and more people in today’s world are struggling with stress and anxiety, especially in the wake of major public health scares like COVID-19. Click here to read the article published in ScitechDaily dt 19th July 22 for 10 herbal remedies and dietary supplements proven by scientists to help with anxiety (however, always consult a doctor first before taking any herbal remedy or dietary supplement).

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