Current Topics and Trends in Australian Healthcare

APA Awards Night:

The 5th Annual Awards Night will be held on 18th August at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins. Click here to book your tickets through trybooking. Click here to make your Nominations for the Annual Awards before 30th June, the nominations closing date.

Australian Healthcare Index (AHI) Report:

The Australian Healthcare Index which provides a pulse check on healthcare in Australia from patients’ perspectives and experiences is produced by the Australian Patients Association and Healthengine. More than 11,000 adults across Australia participated in the supporting survey and provided personal points of view and experiences across the public and private healthcare ecosystem on primary and preventative care, private health insurance (PHI), emergency departments, elective surgery, prescription medicine and more. The report on the findings is available for download here. You can join us on 28th of June for the webinar to get the latest patient perspective and opportunities to improve patient experience based on learnings from the AHI report by registering here.

Telehealth phone call rebates must be permanently reinstated:

APA as a patient advocacy organisation, signed a communique along with other like-minded organisations calling on the new Government to protect those Australians, who are elderly, those with cancer and other chronic diseases such as arthritis, and those living in regional and rural areas who are at-risk, and permanently reinstate the Telehealth rebate for all phone consults. At the very least, we need 12-18 months of considered consultations to ensure no person is harmed (physically, mentally and/or financially) because they are unable to access video technology or travel to their specialist for a consult.

‘Complete mayhem’ as healthcare system buckles under pressure:

A senior nurse working in a critical role at one of Sydney’s biggest hospitals despairs at the tidal wave of patients flooding emergency every day. “Triage is complete mayhem,” she says. Click here to read the full article published in The Sydney Morning Herald on June 11, 2022.

St John Ambulance ramping figures for WA reveal May was fifth-worst month on record:

WA has recorded its fifth-worst month on record for ambulance ramping, as the state’s health system braces for a worse-than-usual flu season. Figures for May, published by St John Ambulance, show paramedics spent a total of 5,252.6 hours ramped outside hospitals. Click here to read the full article published in ABC news on 1st June 22.

Importance of patient voices in cancer treatment:

A breast cancer patient’s perspective on their physical well-being can provide a better indication of their response to cancer treatment than clinician-based tools, a new study has found, highlighting the importance of shared decision-making in the treatment process. Click here to read the full article published in Flinders University newsdeck on May 26, 2022.

A Potential Cure for Autism: New Research Finds That Gene Therapy Could Treat Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome:

Pitt-Hopkins syndrome is a rare genetic condition caused by a mutation in the TCF4 gene on chromosome 18. Pitt-Hopkins syndrome is characterized by developmental delay, potential respiratory concerns such as episodic hyperventilation and/or breath-holding while awake, recurrent seizures/epilepsy, gastrointestinal difficulties, a lack of speech, and distinctive facial features. Children diagnosed with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome often have a happy and lively attitude with frequent smiling and laughing. Click here to read the complete article published in SciTechDaily on 4th June 2022 by University of North Carolina Health Care.

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