Her AO citation notes that she has been the co-ordinator of the HEAL Africa Partnership since 2003 and a co-founder of the AusHEAL charity. AusHEAL describes itself as “Australians advancing healthcare in the developing world.” It supports the HEAL Africa Hospital, in Goma, in the DRC. Wetzig’s AO citation describes her work at the hospital: Volunteer, Administrative supporter, and English Teacher, since 2006. Administrative supporter, HEAL Africa Training Service, current. English Teacher, Basic Essential and Emergency Surgery training program, College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa, DRC, since 2015. AusHEAL’s role in Goma includes providing visiting medical teams of Australian specialists, nurses and paramedics. Their work includes mentoring and empowering the hospital personnel to reach out into their communities. In an interview with Vision Christian Media in 2016, Gwen Wetzig’s husband Neil, described his experiences as a surgeon working in a war-torn nation. ““I was operating in […]