The late Tasmanian Senator Brian Harradine prevented progress on abortion for many years (screenshot via YouTube). To allow women adequate access to abortion services, they must be available across the country writes Cali Bourne . A few weeks ago we saw Sydneysiders protesting against the lack of abortion rights in Australia, fearing that our Government’s lack of concern regarding reproductive laws could result in the " heartbeat bills " seen in six American states earlier this year. The protest’s organisers may have been gifted with some foresight — on 22 June in Newcastle, NSW it was reported that an anti-abortion advertisement had appeared emblazoned across the Newcastle bus system, bearing the slogan ‘the heart beats at four weeks’ . The company in charge of creating the slogan is known as Emily’s Voice and their advertisement is based on what obstetricians describe as a misnomer. The term "foetal heartbeat" is […]