iStock-OlegMalyshev The Australian Government is investing AUD $3m (~€1.65m) from the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) into medical cannabis research. The research is intended to examine the benefits of medical cannabis for pain, symptom and side effect management for cancer patients . Greg Hunt MP , Minister for Health, said: “Since her own battle, Ms Olivia Newton-John has been an advocate for breast cancer awareness and research, and through her personal experience and ongoing efforts has helped shine a light on the benefits associated with medicinal cannabis.” Grant opportunities An open and contestable grant opportunity will fund research, that will provide further evidence into an area of increasing interest in Australia and globally. Mr Hunt said: “Our Government is committed to ensuring a safe, quality supply of medicinal cannabis to Australian patients, but only when it is prescribed by a medical professional. “Overall more than 11,000 patients are estimated […]