(Photo by Eurokinissi, file) ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – The Australian Hellenic Medical Charity Inc. (AHMCI) was founded in 2015 to raise funds to help hospitals in Greece. Last Christmas, Greek-Australians and AHMCI members Dr. Andrew Zisos and Connie Loutsos delivered much needed medical equipment to Thriasio General Hospital of Elefsina, The Four Point Play (TFPP) reported on January 22. Happy to give back to Greece, the AHMCI members delivered equipment including a machine for “the early detection of cancer which was requested by the hospital and five containers of dermatomes blades for Zimmer dermatomes and two dermatoscopes for the Department of Plastic Surgery,” TFPP reported, adding that “this was accomplished after years of hard work in fundraising events.” Adelaide-born IT professional and AHMCI President Konstantinos Barkoukis, “decided to take the challenge when he visited to Greece and had the first-hand experience of the lack of medical equipment needed to treat […]