James Muecke says his neurological condition is not life threatening but is "career destroying". The 2020 Australian of the Year, ophthalmologist James Muecke, plans to use his new title to increase awareness about the debilitating consequences of diabetes, but behind the scenes he has had to face his own health challenge. Dr James Muecke has devoted his career to treating and preventing blindness He says a neurological condition that affects his right hand has forced him to stop performing surgery He is calling for a tax on sugar to help prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes The Adelaide eye doctor has spent about three decades working to prevent and treat blindness in some of the world’s poorest countries. "We’re now seeing fantastic results. Children are surviving and they’re actually keeping vision, which is immensely satisfying," Dr Muecke told 7.30. "I loved the idea of doing very fine work with […]