The existing system is failing to deliver the care that Australia expects

Australia’s aged care has changed considerably in recent decades. In response to consumer demand, old institutional‐style nursing homes have been progressively phased out in favour of better facilities. Home‐like furnishings and decor and single bedrooms personalised with residents’ own belongings have increasingly become the norm. In the process, they have become residential aged care facilities (RACFs), and there is no longer a distinction between low and high care.

At the same time, older people want to stay in their own homes longer and have increasingly been able to do so because more community care is now available. Along with significant accommodation bonds and other charges, this has also served government objectives of reigning in the costs of Australia’s ageing population.

Contemporary residential care is no longer a lifestyle choice, it is now primarily for people who can no longer live at home. However, funding and staffing have not kept pace with this change

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