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Medicinal cannabis events in Australia to watch in 2020

The burgeoning medicinal cannabis industry is still very much taking shape in Australia. Last years' Report on the Review of the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 by Professor John McMillan AO made 26 recommendations, all of which have been accepted by the government. This includes a recommendation to replace the current licensing scheme, under which licences for cultivation and production, research and manufacture are granted separately, with a single licence model. The consultation period for the new licence model remains open until February 3, 2020. Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, said implementation of the recommendations is important for both patients and businesses. "Cutting red tape and streamlining processes will strengthen this [...]

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‘No cause for alarm’ in Australia as new coronavirus cases emerge in China

Australian health officials are closely monitoring developments in China, after 17 new cases of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus strain were confirmed. The number of laboratory-confirmed cases of the virus has jumped to 65, with 62 in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. Three more cases have been confirmed in people who have travelled internationally from Wuhan: two in Thailand, and one in Japan. A woman wears a mask while riding an electric bicycle near the closed seafood market in Wuhan which has been linked to cases of the new coronavirus.Credit:Getty Images Chief medical officer Professor Brendan Murphy said while the spike in numbers warranted close attention, there was [...]

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Possible ‘long-term health consequences’ from lingering bushfire smoke

This is a modal window. An unanticipated problem was encountered, check back soon and try again Respiratory Physician and Australian Medical Association President Dr Chris Zappala says it is unclear "whether there are going to be longer-term health consequences" from bushfire-inflicted smoke hazes blanketing Australian cities. Exposure to bushfire smoke during this season's crisis is having a hazardous effect on people's health leading to patients ending up in hospital. Image: News Corp Australia Click here to view original web page at www.skynews.com.au

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Add These 5 Healthy Foods To Your Shopping List

If you eat to improve your health, here are five foods to put in your supermarket trolley every week. All pack a proven punch in terms of health gains if you have them regularly. 1. Oats Oats are a wholegrain cereal usually eaten for breakfast as porridge or in muesli. They have more soluble fibre than other grains. A soluble fibre found in the outer endosperm cell wall of this cereal known as beta-glucan reduces absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine. Eating enough oats so you get around three grams of beta-glucan daily reduces your total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol in both people with high and normal cholesterol. [...]

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MedAdvisor to provide digital health education programs to Top 10 global pharma company

MedAdvisor has signed its second US agreement to provide medication education programs for a top 10 global pharmaceutical company. Digital medication management company MedAdvisor (ASX: MDR) has signed a second US agreement to provide a series of digital health education programs for a Top 10 global pharmaceutical company. The deal will be executed in conjunction with MedAdvisor’s strategic partner, US-based Adheris Health, which was engaged in March for an initial 12 month period to promote and jointly-sell MedAdvisor’s digital adherence programs to existing pharmaceutical clients. The health education programs comprise nine-month pilots designed to provide important education in a digital format to patients of four different medications over the next [...]

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Coronavirus: Australia’s top health official says there is ‘no current need’ to enhance airport screening

Australia’s top health official says there is “no current need” to enhance existing airport screening measures to target an unknown Sars-like virus that has infected nearly 50 people in China and killed two since it was reported on New Year’s Eve. Australia’s chief medical officer, Prof Brendan Murphy, said authorities in Australia were “watching developments very closely” but had not issued a travel warning. “There is no current need for any travel advisory in Australia, which is consistent with recommendations from the World Health Organisation,” he said in a statement on Saturday evening. Coronavirus: more cases and second death reported in China Read more The outbreak of the previously unknown [...]

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Australians warned to be on alert for novel coronavirus as millions of Chinese prepare to travel for Lunar New Year

Travellers from China’s Wuhan city pass by body temperature scanners at Narita airport near Tokyo. Australians have been urged to be on alert after the number of confirmed cases of a new form of viral pneumonia which has swept across China’s Wuhan region, with the potentially deadly threat growing as millions of Chinese gear up for travel across the Lunar New Year holidays. So far, two people have died out of 62 cases of the novel coronavirus, which all stemmed from people who have been to the city of Wuhan. While a half-dozen countries in Asia, three Unites States airports and Wuhan Tianhe international airport have started screening incoming airline [...]

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Doctor warns of lung cancer spike due to smoke from deadly Australian bushfires

A leading respiratory doctor has warned prolonged exposure to hazardous air quality due to smoke from Australia's bushfires could lead to a spike in diseases such as lung cancer in the next decade. Professor Alvin Ing, from Macquarie University's MQ Health, has just opened a dedicated clinic at the facility in Sydney's north-west to assist with the influx of patients with respiratory issues. Dr Ing said he has concerns about the long-term effects of the smoke and has seen a large rise in patients needing to increase their medication at a time in the year they would usually reduce it. MQ Health's respiratory clinic has set up a dedicated service [...]

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Rethinking interactions with mental health patients

New research overturns the belief that people with severe mental illness are incapable of effective communication with their psychiatrist, and are able to work together with them to achieve better outcomes for themselves. "Interviews are a critical part of assessing people suffering from thought disorder (TD), and deciding what the best therapy is for them," says Professor Cherrie Galletly from the Adelaide Medical School, University of Adelaide. "Clinical interactions with people suffering with severe mental illness can be challenging, especially if the patient has disordered communication." Published in the journal Australian Psychiatry the study analysed 24 routine clinical interviews between psychiatrists and inpatients, with a mean age of just under [...]

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Australian wildfire smoke stokes health fears in cities

A woman holds onto her face mask during a practice session in Melbourne on Jan. 15, 2020, ahead of the Australian Open tennis tournament. CANBERRA, Australia — Fire alarms have been sounding in high-rise buildings across downtown Sydney and Melbourne as dense smoke from distant wildfires confuse electronic sensors. Modern government office blocks in the Australian capital Canberra have been closed because the air inside is too dangerous for civil servants to breathe. The sun has glowed an eerie red behind a brown shrouded sky for weeks over Australian metropolitan areas that usually rank high in the world’s most livable cities indexes. It’s an unprecedented dilemma for Australians accustomed to [...]

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