Photo: Blair Meldrum just weeks before he was diagnosed. (Supplied) It is Anzac Day 2017, and Blair Meldrum cannot get out of bed. He never misses the service, but crippling back pain has made moving nearly impossible. And so he schedules an appointment with his doctor. Less than two weeks later he gets the news: Cancer. Again. He survived lung cancer in 2008 and then bowel cancer in 2011, but this time it has metastasised in his spine. Mr Meldrum died on July 25, 2017, leaving behind a loving wife and kids — and an $8,000 bill for treatment his family thought was covered by their private health insurance. Photo: Blair was a family man through and through. (Supplied) Angry and overwhelmed There was nothing Lenore Meldrum would not do for her husband. “You’re between the devil and the deep blue sea,” she said. “Because, you know, you’ve got […]