Photo: Travel doctor Bob Kass with his eight-month-old grandson Jasper. (ABC News: Claire Campbell) Doctors are warning Australian babies travelling overseas should be vaccinated against measles earlier than the Federal Government’s immunisation scheme recommends amid international outbreaks and a rising number of cases in Australia. There has been an increase in measles cases this year, compared to 2018 Most of those are from people returning from international holidays Some doctors are calling for babies under 12 months to be given the measles vaccination if going overseas As of this week, there had been 128 cases of measles reported in Australia so far this year, compared with 103 for the whole of 2018 — and according to the Federal Government’s Department of Health, most of those cases were from unvaccinated people returning from overseas. Eight-month-old baby Jasper is soon heading off on a short family holiday to Tonga, but is […]