Stepfh El has had surgery eight times to treat her endometriosis, but she says the pain can still be unbearable. Stepfh El started to develop signs of endometriosis from the age of 11. She was misdiagnosed for years, until 2014, when she had emergency surgery for her chronic pelvic pain. "They thought I had appendicitis, but it turned out I had quite severe endometriosis and my whole pelvic cavity was glued to my pelvic wall," she said. Since then, the 32-year-old has had a further seven surgeries. Each month, she spends between $200 and $600 on pain medication, although the pain is never completely gone. "Sometimes it feels like I’ve been stabbed with a hundred knives through my abdomen or it can feel like my bones are broken glass," she said. "At my worst, I was put on a ketamine drip." Like thousands of other endometriosis patients in Australia, […]