One in 10 cancer survivors will experience infertility, but discussions about fertility preservation are not a standard part of care in Australia. Here, a cancer survivor and adolescent oncologist explain why they’re pushing for change. At just 15, Rebecca Zivkovic should have been making decisions about what she wanted to study in her final years of school. Instead, diagnosed with cancer, she was deciding whether she should undergo IVF. "I think at any age it’s tough, but at 15 it was even more of a shock,” she told SBS News. “Having your first IVF appointment on your 16th birthday is kind of crazy." Rebecca during her treatment. Rebecca had Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that grows in the bones. A tumour had developed in her sacrum, at the back of the pelvis, and she needed chemotherapy and radiotherapy straight away. Doctors warned that her cancer treatment could […]