Picture: Shaun of the Dead/Universal Pictures share Cancer is a crowded market, pot has sleep and pain issues covered — or so they say — and companies dip in and out of respiratory diseases all the time. But there are a few ASX-listed stocks that are tackling health issues that still rate as the ‘world’s biggest’ — even if they’re no longer sexy, or never were. Alzheimer’s, mosquito-borne disease, HIV, short sightedness, and poo are five areas that five microcap stocks are deeply involved with in order to try to change the world. Neuroscientific Biopharmaceuticals (ASX:NSB, $16m market cap) — Alzheimer’s and dementia This biotech listed in July 2018 with a plan to treat Alzheimer’s, a feat that has so far defeated far larger companies. Dementia, the umbrella category Alzheimer’s falls into, is the leading cause of death for Australian women and second leading cause of death for men, […]