Although she has known about climate change for her "whole life", Manjot Kaur was researching online as a 13-year-old when she realised the extent to which it would affect her life to come. But the scariest part wasn’t the statistics about rising temperatures or pictures of devastated landscapes around the world she found online, Ms Kaur says: it was what she saw at home. "People were going on with their lives as normal," the first year University of Sydney politics student recalls. "People were going to school and just living their lives. I was thinking, ‘How could I just go to my class normally when my future is so uncertain and there’s a massive crisis going on?’" Manjot Kaur is one of many young people who think their quality of life is being compromised by climate change inaction.Credit:Dominic Lorrimer Ms Kaur, 18, says she feels anxious about the future […]