The Queen Elizabeth Hospital redevelopment could expand to include the state’s primary abortion clinic. Two of South Australia’s surgical abortion services have been shut down over the past 18 months, amid community concerns about the impact on women seeking care. Surgical abortions have stopped at two Adelaide hospitals over the past 18 months A patient has described her experience under the new arrangements as "traumatic" The changes coincide with abortion decriminalisation legislation being debated in Parliament In January, services were relocated from the main abortion provider in the state, the Pregnancy Advisory Centre in Adelaide’s inner-western suburbs, moving all surgical abortions to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). SA Health is now looking at relocating the abortion service permanently to the QEH during the hospital’s redevelopment. The decision was made after the advisory centre’s surgical theatre was swiftly shut down due to safety concerns over ageing infrastructure. Counselling, initial consultations […]