Sharif Fattah’s lawyers were opposed to the suppression on his name being lifted. A Sydney GP jailed for more than 16 years for sexually assaulting some of his patients was previously investigated for an allegation of professional misconduct in New Zealand. Fattah will appeal against his conviction over the sexual assaults of 10 patients from September 2016 to March 2017 He was investigated in New Zealand for allegedly carrying out an unnecessary genital examination in 2012 New Zealand’s health authority dismissed the allegation, saying there was not enough evidence The complaint against Sharif Fattah was dismissed due to a lack of evidence, however, the existence of an investigation and its outcome was not passed on to Australian health authorities. Fattah was found guilty in May over the sexual assaults of 10 of his patients while working as a doctor in Camden, in south-west Sydney. The offences occurred over a […]