Unions are also concerned container vessels from China are docking in breach of the 14-day travel ban. The federal government extended the two-week travel ban for another seven days this week on official medical advice. Shoppers in China are checked for coronavirus symptoms. (Getty) "The ban on passenger air travel also impacts on a range of other industries that depend on frequent air movements to shift goods, including perishable products," Australian Chamber – Tourism Executive chair John Hart said in a statement. "Tourism and trade would greatly benefit from even a partial lifting of the ban from provinces in China that present a much lower risk to Australians." A medical staffer works with test systems for the diagnosis of coronavirus, at the Krasnodar Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology microbiology lab in Krasnodar, Russia. (AP) He said Beijing and Shanghai have tightly controlled COVID-19 virus and account for around 33 […]