Photo: A drugs confiscation bin at Boomtown Fair in the UK. (Foreign Correspondent) The smell of marijuana was overwhelming. As I peered into the wheelie bin, I could see bags and bags of weed, pills, crystals and powders. The bin was almost full of drugs. It was carefully wheeled into the police compound to a mobile testing unit, out of reach of the crowds at Boomtown Fair, one of the biggest festivals in the UK. As I watched this “back-of-house” drug testing unit in action, I wondered if this could be a solution to the political stalemate in Australia. A deadly cycle Reporter Tom Tilley at Boomtown. A tragic spate of six drug-related deaths at festivals in NSW has pushed the pill testing debate into overdrive this year. After years of covering festival drug deaths on triple j, I’ve witnessed the same cycle every festival season. First, a young […]