Our digital health invention, Coviu, enables patients to attend virtual appointments. We don’t mean to brag (well, maybe a little) but we’ve invented some pretty cool stuff . While you may know we’re the brains behind Wi-Fi, you might not have heard about a little tool called Coviu. Coviu brings easy digital consultations to rural and regional Australians. The cloud-based healthcare tool makes visiting your doctor possible online. Improving rural and remote healthcare with Coviu It’s easy to take accessible medical treatment in Australia for granted. If you live near an urban centre you likely have a suite of medical services at your doorstep. But what happens if you’re elderly and getting about is an issue? Or if you live in a remote area and your closest GP (or speech pathologist, occupational therapist or dietitian) is located hundreds of kilometres away? That’s where Coviu steps in. A spinout of […]