From pain to hope: After losing two members of his family to the same neurological disease, which was to also deliver the same diagnosis to another, Cecil Churm of Connells Point, has dedicated his life to supporting medical research for motor neurone disease. Life was more than a little unfair when not one, but three members of Cecil Churm’s family were diagnosed with the same condition. An unlucky discovery was a cruel blow to the Connells Point resident. His family was affected by a disease that is both debilitating and difficult – motor neurone disease (MND). Mr Churm’s first wife Pamela was 60 when she died. His son Greg was 67 when he unfortunately died. Now his other son, Stephen, of Como, has also been diagnosed. Motor neurone disease (MND) occurs when neurones fail to work normally. Muscles gradually weaken and waste, as neurones die. It is a progressive, […]