Photo: Diabetics are building the attachments for phones required for ‘looping’ themselves. (Supplied: Ali Murphy) Tired of waiting for a regulated and affordable alternative, a growing number of Australian type 1 diabetics are building a new technology called a ‘loop’ themselves under the guidance of online manuals, forums, and so-called ‘looping parties’. Currently 120,000 Australians are living with type 1 diabetes, where the pancreas is unable to produce any insulin Looping is an unregulated, but not illegal, way of building an app which delivers insulin to manage type 1 Diabetes Australia is the first diabetes organisation in the world to release a position statement on the DIY technology Looping is a process which involves building an artificial pancreas, DIY style, with the loop itself being a free app template for building the automated insulin delivery system. As it is not currently regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Association, looping can […]