Video: ‘I don’t think big changes have taken place,’ Dr Henry said (ABC News) Three years ago a junior Australian doctor penned an anonymous article exposing the "rotten" underside of medical training. It went viral, laying bare in the level — and even methods — of suicide among stressed-out and overworked doctors. And it outlined an ultra-competitive environment where junior doctors don’t speak out for fear of being seen as weak and are discouraged from claiming the many hours of overtime lest they "incur the wrath of hospital administrators, who have a stranglehold over their career prospects". Now, that doctor — Sonia Henry — is revealing her identity, and says not nearly enough has changed. Photo: Dr Sonia Henry’s impassioned article went global. (Supplied: Jessica Robinson) ‘A disgusting open secret’ It was January 26, 2017 when Dr Henry published her op-ed that would sweep the medical fraternity and be […]