Chinese doctor using acupuncture on patient Are your ears the gateway to wellness ? If you’re a believer in the healing powers of ear seeds — teeny tiny beads placed on various parts of the ear — you might think so. A form of auriculotherapy, or ear acupuncture, ear seeds have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, but are particularly buzzy right now for their on-the-go convenience and healing powers. "Ear seeds work by putting light pressure on specific acupressure points on the ear to stimulate that point, and modern clinical research has shown the effect these points have on neurological pathways," Shari Auth , a licenced and NCCAOM-certified doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine and WTHN cofounder, explained. So why the ears? Auth explained that in traditional Chinese medicine, the ear is the home over 200 pressure points that have the potential to transform […]