Working families are being squeezed as the cost of essential goods and services including hospital visits, property rates and education climbs at twice the rate of inflation, prompting calls for stronger competition in government-dominated sectors. An analysis of Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) data since the Coalition took office in 2013 shows the biggest price rises in areas directly controlled by federal, state and local governments despite a string of policies aimed at keeping a lid on the cost of living. Since the final quarter of 2013, the overall consumer price index has increased 10.4 per cent, while the cost of government-administered or controlled goods and services jumped 23 per cent. Compared to the general inflation rate, postal service prices soared 26.8 per cent, the cost of education rose 24.9 per cent, childcare climbed 26.7 per cent and medical and hospital services shot up more than 36 per cent, […]