Graycen and Dan Gannon knew instinctively something was wrong with their son — despite doctors telling them his symptoms were just a normal part of growing up. He was covered in bruises, slept all the time, had dark rings around his eyes and had welts on his ankles. More than 18 months after they first sought help, three-year-old Chayse’s cancer was diagnosed — it had reached 96 per cent of his bones. "I’m incredibly annoyed it wasn’t picked up earlier," Ms Gannon said. "And I’m very annoyed with the doctor that said to me that my son didn’t have leukaemia, only to be told moments later by the paediatrician that he might have leukaemia and they were airlifting us to Sydney." The Gannon family lives in Bega, 420 kilometres south of Sydney, and their heartbreaking story is just one of many faced by regional families trying to access the […]