Australian Patients Association (APA) partnered with AFRM Claims Advocacy (ACA) to alleviate the financial stress for those who are not working due to injury, illness or due to their Elective Surgery being postponed.

Do I qualify?

Has your injury / illness impacted your ability to work – even if it happened years ago or has the delay in Elective Surgery resulted in you not being able to work?

You might have personal insurance in your superannuation that could possibly owe you an insurance payment. ACA can help you check whether you can access this payment to alleviate financial stress.

What is personal insurance?

Personal Insurance intent is to provide financial security to you and your family for events such as a serious injury or illness.  Cover may have been purchased directly or often superannuation funds have a basic level of cover available to members. The cover includes:

  • Income Protection – the benefit payment is up to 75% of the client’s income if they can’t work due to illness or injury
  • Trauma – the benefit payment is made if the client is diagnosed with a major illness e.g., Cancer, stroke,
  • Total & Permanent Disability – benefit paid if the client is totally and permanently disabled because of their injury or illness and cannot work.
  • Death claims – the benefit payment is a lump sum paid to the beneficiary upon the death of the client.

Did you know?

  • Personal insurance benefit payments are intended to support you if you are injured or become ill.
  • ACA can check if you are owed payments, based on your situation.
  • You’ve most likely been paying for your personal insurance via your superannuation fund.
  • ​Even if your superannuation statement reads “nil cover” you may have had cover at the time you stopped work.
  • If you are awaiting elective surgery and the injury precludes you from working e.g., Hip or knee replacement, you may be entitled to a personal insurance benefit
  • Personal insurance can still be paid even if you already receive payments from injury compensation schemes (eg. traffic accident compensation) or are a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

ACA can check if you are owed insurance benefit payments from your personal insurance (e.g., Income protection payments). The assessment to find out if you are eligible is free.

Find out if you are eligible by visiting

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