Authorities could issue specific, tailored warnings to drug users about dangerous illicit substances Australian authorities could soon issue specific, tailored warnings to drug users and frontline health workers about emerging dangerous illicit substances. The Emerging Drug Network of Australia would set up channels between emergency doctors, toxicologists and other experts to identify the drugs ingested by victims of suspected overdoses. Using state-run forensic labs to test patient blood samples, the network could rapidly detect clusters of overdoses and distribute warnings through the poisons information networks and other health authorities. Speaking at the NSW inquest into drug-related deaths at music festivals, EDNA coordinator Jessamine Soderstrom said "no one would blink" if she looked into a case of a paracetamol overdose. "That shouldn’t be any different for illicit drugs," the Royal Perth Hospital clinical toxicologist told the NSW Coroners Court on Tuesday. State-run forensic laboratories already test for a wide range […]