A team of researchers in Queensland says 33% of the Australian population has sizable bone spurs growing at the base of their skulls. This postural deformity, enthesophytes, results in chronic headaches and upper back and neck pain. The likelihood humans will alter their addiction to this technology is low, so this might be a major consequence of technology. We knew it was coming. We just weren’t sure how it would manifest. Thanks to a series of academic papers by researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, the future is becoming clear. Humans are growing horns. For all the talk about the utopia technology is preparing us for, we consistently overlook the physical consequences. Futurists wax poetic about transcending our meat puppets, but as any credible evolutionary biologist or neuroscientist will remind you, consciousness is body-dependent. The tools we use to push forward into a brave […]