Frequently Asked Questions

The APA was set up by the families of patients who had been neglected by the system and who had concluded that patients needed a voice in Australia to represents their interests.  It was established in September, 2010 to be a voice for patients in the Australian health care system and to improve patient’s lives.

To improve patient outcomes and enhance the well-being of patients, carers and their families by working co-operatively with all sectors of the healthcare industry.

To give patients a strong advocate and an influential voice in developing a higher quality, more affordable and readily accessible healthcare system for all Australians.

The APA is a not-for-profit body funded by its membership fees, gifts, donations and by corporate sponsorships.  APA receives no funding from the government,or any industry body. We maintain an independent voice on issues that really matter to patients and their families.

The APA aims to improve patient outcomes by improving the healthcare system throughout Australia, ensuring affordable healthcare for all by eliminating waste and inefficiencies, and by educating patients of the need to be fully informed about a proposed medical treatment.

We also aim to speed up the drug approval process so that the best drugs and medicines in the world are available in Australia at affordable prices.

The APA also supports medical research projects that will ultimately improve the quality of patients’ lives.

The APA plans to become the voice for patients in Australia.

Our role is to act in patients’ best interests and represent patients at a national level to achieve our aims we plan to educate patients about their rights and choices and the standard of care to expect.

We plan to advocate on behalf of patients’ best interests, develop programs to improve patient well-being, expose poor and inequitable patient care, and highlight deficiencies and wastage in the private and public healthcare system.

Members can access a free help line to assist them when required.  Other benefits include a free first consultation with a lawyer, regional support groups, informative lectures, presentations and public meetings to attend.  Members can stay updated by visiting our website, visiting facebook and will receive our quarterly newsletter, The Patients Voice.  We will inform members about upcoming fund-raising activities and events.

Members can phone our helpline on 03 9274 0788.  We can also be contacted via email at our website on and on facebook.

As APA is a not-for-profit organisation it relies on funding from its membership, donations and corporate sponsorship.  Volunteers help our organisation by assisting with the manning of the help-line, providing clerical, marketing, IT and event co-ordination support in a cost effective manner.

Providing corporate sponsorship is one way which is vital to the on-going work that the APA does to assist patients within Australia. More and more corporations are becoming socially responsible and regard this as crucial to their standing and representation within the market place. They can demonstrate their commitment to Australian patients by contributing financially or by encouraging their employees to take up volunteering opportunities during work hours or after. We value this corporate support and ensure our sponsors are recognised on our website and in our newsletter The Patients Voice.