Photo: Gayle Woodford with her nursing colleague Belinda Schultz on the APY Lands. (Supplied) Gayle Woodford’s family and friends should have been celebrating her 60th birthday this month, but they are instead still fighting a battle they thought they had already won. Gayle’s Law aims to protect outback health workers and came into effect in July The reforms were in response to the murder of remote area nurse Gayle Woodford in outback SA in 2016 Her family is concerned safeguards have been watered down from what was originally intended Just months after new laws honouring the murdered nurse came into effect, concerns are being raised they do not offer the kinds of protections that could have saved her life. Ms Woodford’s body was found in a shallow grave near the outback town of Fregon in South Australia’s APY Lands in March 2016, after she was lured to her death […]