On October 19 in 2017, Jada Bennett-Cross remembers feeling fed up. She was sick of waking up feeling anxious and unmotivated, of having arguments with her husband, of her short fuse with her children and of feeling the need to binge on wine to cope with the day. “I realised it was a crutch and I knew I needed to stop what I was doing,” says the mother-of-two from Ashfield. She had heard about Daybreak , an app developed to help people cut back or quit alcohol, and decided to download it. Glass half-full: Jada Bennett-Cross. Initially, the 42-year-old events manager wanted a three-month break from alcohol so she could “re-evaluate” how she used Australia’s favourite drug – but also our most damaging drug – with the intention of cutting back to one to three drinks on weekends afterwards. But, as she made it through the festive season, buoyed […]