News The Department of Health data also includes out-of-pocket costs. The Department of Health (DoH) has released electoral statistics related to overall bulk-billing rates, percentage of patients with all attendances bulk billed, and average out-of-pocket costs since 2012–13. The major release of detailed information was made in response to a question from NSW Labor Senator Deborah O’Neill, and also includes the same information for non-GP specialists. Chifley, located in the western suburbs of Sydney, has the largest percentage of patients will all of their attendances bulk billed (96.1%), while Canberra has the lowest (32.9%). According to the statistics, the national average percentage of patients with all attendances bulk billed has grown from 60.1% in 2012–13, to 65.27% in 2018–19. But this is still vastly lower than the 86.2% of total bulk-billed GP visits regularly touted by the government. RACGP President Dr Harry Nespolon told newsGP the proportion of patients […]