News Road closures make accessing medical services in bushfire-affected areas that much more difficult. (Image: AAP) Rural workforce agencies are calling for GPs to consider working as locums in bushfire-affected communities over the coming months in order to offer relief to local doctors. Many GPs have expressed interest in recent days, with Rural Workforce Agency Victoria receiving 50 requests over the weekend. The agency’s Chief Executive Officer Trevor Carr told newsGP that coordination will be critical in responding to the unprecedented bushfire emergency. ‘In the middle of the crisis, those GPs who are already in situ are managing – but they’ll be fatigued very quickly and are possibly personally impacted as well,’ he said. ‘There’s a little bit of demand [for locums] already and it’s starting to trickle through now. It’s not just replacing current resources, but providing additional supports into those communities for three to six months afterwards […]