Private health fund Medibank is warning there could be a high cost to ditching health insurance. Picture: Hollie Adams/The Australian Source:News Corp Australia Don’t ditch your private health insurance is the implied message from Medibank in its latest batch of patient payout figures. You might be caught by massive hospital bills of as much as $460,000, and, Medibank points out, not just the elderly are vulnerable to unexpected health costs. The Medibank data highlights the possibility of expensive treatments, by age group: • 20-29yo: Mental health, colonoscopy and dentistry • 30-39yo: Mental health, colonoscopy and major gynaecology • 40-49yo: Colonoscopy, mental health and gastroscopy • 50-59yo: Rehabilitation, colonoscopy and mental health • 60-69yo: Colonoscopy, cancer treatment and mental health. “While everyone’s circumstances are different, there are trends across different age groups that may be helpful when reviewing your cover,” Medibank’s chief customer officer David Koczkar said in a statement. […]