One of the new grants, awarded to Tonsley-based Associate Professor John Costi, will use robotic testing to investigate what causes spinal disc injuries during lifting after prolonged periods of sitting and standing. Photo: Getty Images From common back injuries to gonorrhoea and glaucoma studies and pioneering cancer and osteoporarthritis interventions, new Flinders Foundation seed funding grants will support important research at the Flinders Health Precinct. The next health or medical discovery is a step closer, with 31 research project grants totalling $750,000 from the charitable foundation. The annual Health Seed Grant Round has been awarded to help researchers advance their knowledge of a variety of illnesses, diseases and social issues, in a successful partnership between Flinders Foundation and Flinders University. The funding of up to $25,000 per project will help get the research projects up and running and give researchers the time and resources they need to prove their […]